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On Line Value

Tiger Hoses is an online supplier of high-pressure hydraulic hoses and fittings. We aim to deliver within 2 working days. Specify your hose on the “Build Your Hose” section and buy standard fittings in our store. If you are not familiar with hose terms simply go onto our “How To Build Your Hose” page and we’ll show you what to do. Alternatively, just send us your old hose and we’ll do all the work. If you simply want to see technical information, go to our “Techie Stuff” page.

Why Tigerhoses?

For many companies the cost of a hydraulic hose can go well beyond the manufacture of the item itself. Using a mobile service to visit your yard adds callout and time charges well beyond the value of the hose itself. Visiting a hose depot will cost you that most scarce and valuable of resources, your people. Travel and wait times tie up your fitters in mundane non-value-added work. Our approach is to offer an online system where you can specify the hose you need with a few clicks. The hose can then be delivered to your yard or the site where it is needed. No callout charges, hourly rates or lost time for your valuable skilled workers. We cover a wide range of bespoke hoses, standard hose, adaptors, gauges and quick release couplings to give you a one-stop shop. 

Our Products

Standard Hoses

We also stock standard hoses and equipment such as pressure wash hose, twin-line breaker hose and suction and discharge hose. Just head to our Standard Hose page to see a wide selection of each and any special offers.

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